Gillette Venus Olay Comfortglide Refill Razor Blades


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  • What is the best way to shave with a Venus ComfortGlide Coconut with Olay blade head?

    Like other Venus system razors for women, the ComfortGlide Coconut with Olay blade head should be used in an upward stroke over the legs from the ankle. If you are new to shaving, then exfoliate beforehand since this will afford a closer shave with greater smoothness. When shaving your bikini area, first shave with the direction of hair growth and then you can go against the grain for a closer shave.

    Is a Venus ComfortGlide Coconut women's razor good for avoiding shaving rash?

    Yes, it is. These ladies' razors are very well lubricated, thereby creating a lather as you shave with body butters and a touch of Olay. Lubrication is one of the keys to avoiding shaving rritation. Depending on how often you shave, a Venus blade head refill will last between five and ten shaves. To avoid shaving irritation, replace them before the shaving blades become dull or when you start experiencing any nicks.

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