Sea-Band Nausea Relief Acupressure Bands - Kids


Acupressure wrist bands. Relieves all forms of travel sickness and motion sickness. Sea-Band Relief wristbands are simple to wear. Sea-Band for children work by using acupressure points to ease the symptoms of nausea caused by travel sickness.

How to Use
A plastic stud in each band exerts pressure on the Nei-Kuan accupressure point on the wrists.
Simply wear a band on each wrist for as long as is needed, with the button placed face-down over the Nei-Kuan point. To find this point, place your three middle fingers on the inside of the crease of your wrist. The correct point is just under the index finger and between the two central tendons.
Read the product information before use.

Made from
Nylon, Elastane

Hand wash with soap or a mild detergent

Multiple colours available. Please mention in notes which colour you would prefer and we try our best to accommodate 

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