About Us

Rosscarbery Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy owned by the Madden Family set in the picturesque rural seaside side town of Rosscarbery in West Cork. 

When Noelle & Bernard Madden purchased Rosscarbery Pharmacy in 2005, it was the realisation of Noelle’s dream to own her own pharmacy. Bernard, who had many years of retail already under his belt having been manager of Kevin Bowens drapery Store in Bandon, Co.Cork & Noelle, pharmacist who is always passionate about learning and keeping her clinical knowledge up to date so that she can give her customers the best pharmacy service possible, set about building the business and modernising the pharmacy.

Today, Rosscarbery Pharmacy is a bright modern airy store renowned for its attention to detail and high level of customer service. It boasts a dispensing robot which has greatly added to stock management & workflow allowing the pharmacist to spend more time advising patients about their medicines and less time simply counting tablets.

Our mission is simple, to be kind & to walk the path of life with our customers in sickness and in health. We aim to help people remain healthy and well through healthy lifestyle advice and when people become unwell to help patients navigate the often complex medication regimens prescribed by their doctors, explaining how best to take the medicines prescribed for them and checking to ensure that any new medicines won’t interact with other medicines that they are already taking.

We would be nothing without our team of wonderful local staff, every one of whom goes above and beyond the call of duty each day for our customers.

We are delighted that you have chosen to come on the next leg of the journey with us and support our small family business as we endeavour to set up an expanded community in the online world. We are excited and terrified in equal measure! This has been a big investment for our business, but we realise that we do not have the option to stand still if we want Rosscarbery Pharmacy to survive and thrive into the future. To our established customers and friends, we thank you for your loyal support and helping us become the business that we are today and to our new online customers and friends, we look forward to getting to know you!

Stay safe & Stay well,

Bernard & Noelle 

and all the team at Rosscarbery Pharmacy.



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