Emergency Contraception/The Morning After Pill

Under normal circumstances the pharmacist will speak to you about your emergency contraception requirements in the Private Consultation Room in store. However, due to current restrictions as a result of Covid-19, this consultation may take place remotely by phone at the moment. We advise that you contact the pharmacy in advance of your arrival so that one of our team can schedule a time slot for you to speak privately with the pharmacist either in the private consultation room or by phone.

As emergency contraception guidelines have recently been updated, it will speed up the consultation if you can have the following information available for the pharmacist when you speak with them:
The date of your last period.
The average length of your menstrual cycle.
✔ Time elapsed since unprotected intercourse.
✔ A list of any medicines, prescription or OTC that you are currently taking.

Patients with a medical card can avail of emergency contraception free of charge without needing to visit their doctor.

Patients without a medical card pay for this service and the fee depends on the emergency contraception chosen after your consultation with the pharmacist.

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