Inhaler Technique/ Asthma & COPD Support

Our pharmacists will always advise you on the correct use of any new inhaler device that we dispense to you. However, from time to time you may benefit from another one to one session with the pharmacist.

This service is FREE OF CHARGE and generally takes place in the Private Consultation Room in-store. However, due to current restrictions as a result of Covid-19, it may be necessary to use a blended approach of in-store demo and follow up chat on the phone at an arranged time.

✔ Check your inhaler technique

✔ Discuss symptoms

✔ Discuss the medicines that you have been prescribed for your asthma/COPD and what each of them is for

✔ Review your Asthma Action Plan

If you would like to avail of this service, please contact the pharmacy to schedule an appointment.

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