Anthisan 2% Cream


Anthisan 2% Cream is a medicated cream that can be used for symptomatic relief in insect bites, stings and nettle rash. The cream has analgesic, anti-histaminic and anti-pruritic properties which help alleviate pain, inflammation and itching at the affected site.

  • For external use only.


Apply to affected area 2 to 3 times daily for up to 3 days or as directed by the physician


  • Please read the enclosed package leaflet carefully before use
  • Do not use on broken or infected skin unless directed by your doctor. Avoid getting the cream into the eyes. 
  • Do not exceed the stated dose
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, please stop this medication and consult with your doctor immediately

Active Ingredient

Each 25g tube of Anthisan 2% Cream contains 0.5g of Mepyramine Maleate

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