Deramed Silicone Heel Pad - 1 Pair


The Silicone Heel Pad is 100% medical silicone that is used to cushion and cushion for each step, while relieving pain. It has an extra thin design and fits all types of footwear, and is ideal for tired feet and people who spend several hours standing. It has an extra soft blue disc for the heel, is washable and it is also indicated for calcaneal spur. There is 1 silicone heel pad per box.

Size S: EU shoe size 35-37 

Size M: EU shoe size 38-40

Size L: EU shoe size 41-44 

  • Remove the Silicone Heel Pad from packaging
  • Insert into the shoe in the heel area
  • Ensure that the affected area will be covered by the heel pads
  • The silicone pad can be washed with warm water

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