NiQuitin Clear 14mg/24hrs Transdermal Patches Step 2


NiQuitin Clear 14mg/24hrs Transdermal Patches Step 2 are medicated transdermal patches used in the the assistance of smoking cessation in adults. The patches can be used to either complement a cigarette consumption reduction by using in conjunction with reduced smoking or to replace the use of cigarettes as the user gradual weans dose, either exclusively or in combination with other smoking cessation medications or products. 

How to Use

  • For external use only 
  • Not recommended for use in children.


The usage of the patches will depend on the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Light smokers (e.g. those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day) are recommended to start at Step 2 (14 mg) for 6 weeks and decrease the dose to NiQuitin 7 mg/24 hrs for the final 2 weeks

One patch will be applied to an intact area of skin each morning and removed on the next morning before the new patch is to be applied (or at bedtime on the day of application if desired). The patch will release the dose of nicotine slowly throughout the day to subdue cravings. The area to which the patch is attached should be alternated on a daily basis to avoid irritation.

To apply the patch, the area of skin should be cleaned and dried. The sachet containing the patch should be opened, and the sticky surface of the patch can then be applied to the area where the patch is to be attached and pressed firmly against the skin to ensure the patch is firmly attached.

Take care when removing and disposing of the patch as some of the surface may still be medicated. Dispose of carefully.


  • Please read the enclosed package leaflet carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the stated dose

Active Ingredient

Each NiQuitin Clear 14mg/24hrs Transdermal Patches contains 14mg Nicotine which will be released over the 24 hours of usage.

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