Nuk Breast Shell Set


Nuk  Breast Shell Set for collecting breast milk while breast feeding or using a breast pump is anatomically designed for optimal fit with a practical spout for easy pouring. 1 box contains x2 breast shells, x2 collection shells and x2 silicone cushions. 

How to use 

During breastfeeding, use the shell without ventilation holes. In between breastfeeding, use the ventilated breast shells with ventilation holes. Use only clean breast shells, wash hands thoroughly. Place the silicone cushion over the breast shell. Place the breast shell in the nursing bra. After use remove the shells from the nursing bra. Carefully remove the silicone cushion. (For more information see leaflet)


When handling breast milk, hygiene is important. Follow cleaning and sterilising instructions to reduce any risk of contamination. Nuk breast shells are not a toy. This product is only to be used for its intended purpose.  

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