Pharmacare Weekly Pill Box



This Pharmacare 7 Day Pill Box is a smaller size pill box that is ideal for your bag or jacket. The translucent box allows you to easily see into the box, therefore confirming that the pill dosage has either been taken or not. The Pill Box allows you to accurately divide your medication as per your doctor’s instructions.



The Pharmacare 7 Day Pill Box can serve as a reminder to take medication for patients who have tablets or pills to take every day. The weekly pill box helps to ensure that all medication is in one place, and that they are safe, dry, and organised with seven slots for each day of the week.



• Remove the Pharmacare 7 Day Pill Box from the packaging


To fill:
• Use the push buttons to lift up the lid to expose the inside base compartment
• Put the allocated tablets into the compartment, according to what day you have to take them
• Continue to do this for the rest the compartments for every day of the week
• Close the tray by lowering the lids until the catch locks


To take medication:
• Find the desired compartment tray and lift up the lid
• Turn the box over and tip the medication into the palm of your hand

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