Ultrapure - Pure Coconut Oil


ULTRAPURE Laboratories Coconut Oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts.

It has many applications in food, medicine and industry. The oil is excellent for frying at high temperatures and is a familiar flavour in Asian curries. It is also popular for personal use on the skin or hair.


Natural Skin Softner

  • Fragrance Free. For all skin & hair types
  • Safe for use in cooking
  • Non-hydrogenated


  • Massage into skin until absorbed
  • Take a small amount of the coconut oil and rub hands together until it melts, apply to hair and scalp and gently massage for 5 minutes
  • Leave for no more than 2 hours and wash hair with a gentle shampoo, repeat if necessary to get all the oil out. Do not use a conditioner

For your skin

Coconut Oil is perfect for relieving dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Our skin absorbs Coconut Oil very easily because of its molecular structure and in return it gives a smooth and soft texture.

Many commercial creams and lotions have a high water content which make them easily absorbed by our dry and wrinkled skin. This water expands the skin tissue and wrinkles fade away. However the effect is temporary and as the water evaporates, the dry skin returns.

Our skin is made up of tissues called connective tissues which make it elastic. While we are young and the fibres are strong, our skin remains smooth and elastic. As we age, the fibres begin to harden and our skin loses its suppleness and strength. Using Coconut Oil helps prevent the connective tissues from hardening.

For your hair

We all know about hair damage from blow-drying, colouring, hard brushing, too much water or sun exposure and bleaching. The damage can be split ends or coarse, brittle and dry hair, which breaks very easily. The most severe condition is split ends where the cuticle is worn away, and sometimes the inner cortex gets exposed and frayed. Using a Coconut Oil as a hair oil or conditioner can help prevent this damage.

Use it just after a shower or bath when your hair is still damp. The Coconut Oil is just as effective whether it is solid or liquid. Work it all through the hair, to allow the oil to penetrate the entire hair shaft. It does this easily, just as it absorbs into the skin, protecting and nourishing the hair.

Coconut oil is also useful in treating dandruff as it is both a moisturiser and has anti-fungal properties.

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