How to Tackle Acne Prone Skin

February 22, 2022 3 min read

Acne is one of the life’s realities that we will all face at some stage. Be it in your teens or in your thirties. It can be frustrating to figure what exactly is the culprit of the facial invaders but here is a helpful visual to start the detective work.

facial mapping for acne

Acne on the cheeks can be a result of pores becoming clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. What you can do to combat this is use a cleanser, make sure you’re changing your pillow case regularly, washing make up brushes after use and limiting how often you touch your face. Another culprit that people forget is our phones. Make sure to sanitize your phone when you can to avoid contact bacteria. Using too many skin care products can also irritate the skin with harsh chemicals and exfoliates.

Acne on the chin and cheek can often be the result of hormones. During puberty our hormones are changing and during the process, the sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce sebum (oil). The oily skin can lead to acne, as it’s a perfect environment for bacteria growth.

Your diet can be a huge contribution to acne. Foods that are high in salt, sugar, diary and refined carbohydrates eaten in excess can interfere with our skin barrier. High caffeine levels are also a contributing factor to acne.

Water can play a huge part in helping with reducing acne. Increasing how much water you drink helps to remove toxins and bacteria on the skin, preventing the pores from clogging. Furthermore, our cells need water to help the rejuvenation and healing from when the skin barrier is broken. Finally, water is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels which is another contribution to acne.

A skincare routine can be a great addition to battling acne. The skincare industry is growing rapidly and it can seem overwhelming deciphering what is best for you. To simplify, the three-step rule is 1. Cleanse, 2. Treat and 3. Moisturise.

Washing our skin morning and evening takes away any make up and bacteria that has built up on our skin. This step is essential for preventing the clogging of pores.

Treating your skin with ingredients that help the reduction of acne is the next step. Ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, an antibacterial agent, is commonly found in acne focused skincare. Additionally, Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is an oil-soluble exfoliate that can go deep inside the pores to clear acne and blackheads. A common BHA is Salicylic acid. Clay, often found in face masks, helps to absorb the excess oil found on the skin and unclog congested pores. Finally, Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that has multiple skin benefits. It can help reduce inflammation, common with acne, it regulates oil production, encourages healthy skin cell rejuvenation and many more benefits.

Moisturising daily protects the skin’s barrier from irritation such as dryness and environmental damage. If you suffer from oily skin, it can seem counter productive to be adding further products to the skin. When your skin is dry, it produces additional oil which as we know, clogs the pores. Keeping your face moisturised, limits the need for this oil production.

What to add into your skin routine? Here are our top recommendations for tackling acne prone skin:


CeraVe Foaming Cleanser 

Cleanses and removes oil without disruption the protective skin barrier of the face. For normal to oil skin.

ceraVe foaming cleanser



Citrine Derma Triacine Control Cream

Smoothing and exfoliating cream to help reduce the appearance of black and white heads. Contains Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide. 


Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment

Targets oiliness, clogged pores and helps prevent new blemishes from appearing. 

The Inky List - Niacinamide 

Controls excess oil, reduces blemishes and redness


The Inky List Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer

Vitamin B helps control excess oil, Vitamin C helps brighten skin while Vitamin E helps smooth and soothe skin



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